Monday, 27 October 2008

Funnyman Wraps

Cast and Crew of Funnyman.

Well, things have been somewhat quiet around the old snuffboxfilms Blog. The reason being that a) I'm getting married this weekend so every spare moment has been devoted to the wedding and b) I just wrapped being talent in a short film called Funnyman which is having its debut screening at the Kaleide Cinema in Melbourne, November the 14th.

I realised I ought to write a bit more into this post. Funnyman was a project I started about four weeks ago. The script was passed onto me by a guy who was 1st AD on one of my short films and he asked if I would consider playing the role of a Bill Hicks style comedian. I came on board but decided to make my character more of a Dylan Moran slash Bob Geldof person as I felt it suited more my range acting wise.

The film is a drama, and the best thing about it being a drama is that so often is the tendency for filmmakers to lean towards comedy/action that when someone writes a drama, especially a drama that is actually hopeful rather then damning in its narrative, it makes for a refreshing project to be involved in.

A lot of filmmakers will gravitate towards the base emotions of laughter or excitement, they must feel it is the only way to inspire their audiences to like their work. However drama is challenging because it calls on other emotions besides laughter and excitement in order to stimulate the viewer.

A good thing about this production was the efficiency of the director and crew. We stayed well within the timeframe intended for shooting. Andrew (The director) didn't harp on too much with the kind of shot he was after thus neglecting the performance, instead he had a system of setting up each element, lighting, framing etc and then performance. It worked well because you knew exactly the order of events for each shot.

All in all an enjoyable experience working with dedicated people made for this diversion into the world of acting most agreeable.

So stay tuned in a week or two when snuffboxfilms splutters back into full steam musings on movies and floods of festivals making the call for 2009.

On set, preparing for another take or two.

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