Sunday, 9 November 2008

Curtas Vila do Conde

How can I neglect half my heritage by not posting a Portuguese film festival when it comes up. I think this is the first. Curtas Vila do Conde is currently calling for entries into their 2009 season. Deadline is April the 6th 2009, but I recommend you get in early because the worm waits for no man, or something like that.

For International entries they say "For selection purposes of the International Competition, the board will consider mainly the quality of the films, the fact of being international or national premieres, and films whose diffusion might be of the greatest interest."

For submissions its "DVD preview copies and, later, of 16 or 35mm prints or BETACAM-SP/Pal tapes."

They even have a "Prize Manoel de Oliveira for Documentary" but nothing mentioning my favourite filmmaker Joao Cesar Monteiro, but perhaps at a later date they may introduce that.

Ther is no entry fee to this film festival. Go and read their mission statement, more about this and other festivals into the new year.

Speaking of Portuguese filmmaking, don't forget at Pedro Costa flicks will be playing at Cinémathèque in Melbourne all November. I'll be attending the invaluable 19th and 26th screenings.

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