Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Drip Fed Fred

It's a classic Ian Dury and Madness clip with cuts from Alexei Sayle's show, "The Alexei Sayle Show". I was dancing with my youngest son to it today. I'm quite the Dury fan and like a bit of Madness, not to mention Alexei as well.

Alexei has been around in cinema and television in quite a variety of capacities. You may have remembered him as the Sultan in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, he was in two Doctor Who episodes (Revelation of the Daleks part one and two), and of course numorous Young Ones episodes.

I love this clip, even though the syncing is pretty off kilter, but the clips have been ripped from Alexei's show and not created for the song. Madness compliments Dury perfectly, and of course Ian's lyrics are what I consider, generally to be up to standard to Cohens. If you follow the writing closely enough, Dury doesn't just pull out gags like Sparks of TISM, his songs are sort of Soho sonnets, as I like to call them even though Dury wasn't from Soho or from Dury Lane (He was born in Harrow).

Anyway, this isn't a film post as such, just a diversion from my current state of script editing. How many times can you edit a script. It seems, the longer you leave it, the more likely you'll make changes as your writing style develops. This is what I am experiencing now as the script keeps on transforming, and my scribbles become more diverse. At least I have the darn thing out and pen in hand.

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