Tuesday, 18 November 2008


I recently came across the program from the OFF (Oblò independant short-film festival), where my short film had played way back in September. The Oblò Cinema is in Lausanne, the French speaking part of Switzerland. You may remember a post I did about OFF a while back.

Now, I must mention that I find myself increasingly in the "Classics" section of DVD stores these days. Why? Well, all the films I like from the past thirty years seem to have ended up there. They used to only stock films from the 50's backwards but now you can find films up to the 1980s in the Classic section of your DVD shop.

Not that I mind, it means I get to avoid the crowds of people closing their eyes and plucking DVDs off the shelf from the alphabetically ordered section. One problem I have encountered is the Classics Collator, the guy who stands in one section of the shelf just hovering there for about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile I'm browsing the titles, aware of people around me either wanting to get past or wanting to have a look at the same portion of the shelf that I am investigating.

These Collators however, stand up against the shelf as if they are about to urinate on it. You can't get at the section they are standing in front of, and they don't seem to notice that you want to. It is very annoying, even more so if you are in a rush, they just hang there like a dangling spider, not seemingly really doing anything. How long does it take to read the spine of a DVD? Clearly the vertical type must be an obstacle for them, instead of tilting their head as any practical person would do, they must try and translate it by mentally turning each letter at a time.

People do this at supermarkets too, especially couples. They just park at a particular point in the shelving and linger, seemingly trying to make a choice from the six brands of the same types of tomato paste or stand having a discussion with their partners about what kind of toothpaste they want. It's not that people take their time doing these things that gets to me, it is how they do it. The way they leave no room for anyone else who might just want to grab an item and carry on.

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