Monday, 17 November 2008

Mediawave 2009 volunteers

Although this may only be applicable to those studying and living in Győr, I imagine some folk may be thinking of traveling or intending to travel to Győr (Hungary) during the Mediawave Music and Film Festival and be keen to volunteer to help them out managing the festival. Or else you may just see it as an opportunity to take-off and do something different for a holiday experience.

Down below is a picture of the marvelous place that is Győr, so surrounding wise, you can be assured of being in good company.

Here are some of positions they are asking for and requirements.


* English language - spoken at least on a communicational level
* additional spoken foreign languages are advantage


* concert and event organizer
* concert hostess
* band-guide
* concert documentator
* film/photo/internet
* web and data
* advertisment and public organizer
* graphics and print
* posters and web
* applications' writer
* archivator
* translator

More information is available at the link I have provided at the start of this post.

So I've put a poster up for the Mediawave Music and Film Festival below so you know the dates of the festival.

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