Wednesday, 12 November 2008

When my short film played Bristelmestune 2008

On October the 19th my short film Errol Flynn's Pianist screened at Final Cut in Brighton, United Kingdom. They described it as a "Flamboyant Australian ultra-short - not for the delicate!" which is funny because it is the least explicit micro movie I have ever made. It screened in the Komedia, a live entertainment centre that caters for Brighton and Bath.

So let me tell you about Final Cut, so that you too can submit your work for screening.

Final Cut was originally a screening night within The Brighton Arts Festival (largest arts festival in the UK after Edinburgh) and still is annually.

Brighton has produced some very fine artists such as Aubrey Beardsley, Victor Spinetti, and Terence Rattigan. It's considered the San Fransisco of the United Kingdom, so you get a sense of the cultural activity in abundance there. A good spot for film screenings especially if you like to think differently within the box, like I do.

It has been heralded that "Final Cut is now the largest short film screening organisation on the South Coast and one of the most successful in the UK."

You can either submit for the Brighton Festival screening each year (This years submissions have closed) or for the Final Cut monthly screenings. Entry is free and the submission details can be located here.

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