Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Alternative Film/Video Festival screens Errol Flynn's Pianist

Devika Bilimoria (D.O.P) and Karen Liebau (Focus Puller, Clapper Loader) framing shots on the set of Errol Flynn's Pianist. (Photo by Ben Richards)

On Friday, December 12th, from 8pm onwards Errol Flynn's Pianist will be in the competition program of the Alternative Film/Video Festival in Belgrade, Serbia. In Hall A at the Akademski Filmski Centar.

The guest speakers on that night are: Srđan Keča and Martijn Veldhoen.

It's a proud feeling when festivals announce that from over 300 entries your short film gets selected to screen. Belgrade is the largest city in Serbia, Radio Television Serbia - RTS is based in Belgrade.

The Akademski Filmski Centar "remains a punctum for young authors to create without restrictions in film and video media".

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