Monday, 22 December 2008

Errol Flynn's Pianist wins best film in Moscow

Madeline French as Marilyn Monroe in Errol Flynn's Pianist- photo by Ben Richards.

The jury at the Extra Short Film Festival in Moscow has awarded my short film "Errol Flynn's Pianist" (Пианист Эррола Флинна) best film in the video nominations. The jury was made up of Evgeniya Leonova (Film Critic - Moscow), Ilya Falkovsky (vgrma - Moscow), Sergei Anashkin (Photographer - Ekaterinberg), Elena Tsvetaeva (NCCA Head - Kaliningrad), Mikhail Kotomin (Publisher - Moscow), Erikssons (Artists - Stockholm) and Kenny (New York) spectator.

A few Errol Flynn related Russian connections.

Errol Flynn once played the Czar of Russia, Alexis Romanov, in The Errol Flynn Theatre, a television show he devised towards the end of his career, the episode was called "A Wife for the Czar".

Errol Flynn also was considered for the role of Prof. Humbert Humbert in Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita". The role was negotiated but I think Flynn was interested in making it himself, or some such contract or funding thing happened and so instead James Mason got the job.

слова благодарности ESF '08.


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