Thursday, 4 December 2008

ESF 2008 Trailer

From Kansk to Moscow, Errol Flynn's Pianist will screen at the Actovy Zal (Fabrika Project) in Russia as part of the Extra Short Film Festival. Check out the festival trailer above to view a snippet of the sixty second short. The Проект Фабрика (Project Fabrika), I believe, is an old paper factory turned into an Underground Club and Art Space. Proekt Fabrika's "focus is geared towards challenging familiar ideas and concepts in order to formally defamiliarise them so that they can be seen anew."

It has been written up on by The Washington Post and featured many contemporary artist's work. The idea behind these converted spaces is growing as other factories and warehouse spaces in Moscow are privately being financed into cultural hubs for one and all. Here is a picture of Проект Фабрика as taken by Belkus, a Russian photographer.

(If you want to use this photo, please goto Belkus's photostream and read the CC)

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