Saturday, 6 December 2008

Fake Film Fest 09

Entries close January 2009 for the Fake Film Festival in Adelaide, South Australia. The categories for the festival 2009 are: Documentaries or Mocumentaries presented or represented by fictitious characters or scenarios. Adverts promoting products that don't exist or too ridiculous to exist. Feature film trailers of three minute length duration for non-existent epics.

Entry to the Fake Film Festival is free. You can download the entry form here.

Fake is run by a collective called the Glamour Collective, a group of filmmakers and film fans some of whom paid $90 for a haircut 8 years ago and spilled great amounts of beer over an important person.

So you might even be a fake filmmaker who doesn't and never wants to ever make a film, then this festival is certainly for you - otherwise everyone else needs to do mock ups. Although, you could always submit something that is real under the pretense that it is not.

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