Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Make a daft noise for Christmas

Christmas is just a week away, and preparations are being had for that time of year when one gets to sit in the "chair of cheer" with a big sniffer of Brandy and soothe the pangs of that years troubles and worries. Of course, it is also time to prepare for the next lot. So, work Christmas parties are out of the way or nearly so, and I managed to embarrass myself at mine, I was definitely the ungraceful drunk you see at the top of this post ... a one mister Billy Bob Thornton (All in the spirit of Christmas or rather the Christmas spirits ... Bourbon actually ... or in my case Billy Bourbon Thornton).

Now just a few small gatherings to partake of and then Christmas Eve, which we celebrate in the German tradition with loads of ginger bread treats and the big loaves of Stollen (Christstollen) of course. Below is a picture of Jim Carey from The Grinch, not a bad film, if you like Carey, it works.

Don't forget, those of you living in Moscow, to try and pop along to The Extra Short Film Festival on December 20th at the Проект Фабрика. The program, with my short film in it, will screen at 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.

Фестиваль сверх короткого фильма ESF'2008 пройдет в Москве 20 декабря в Актовом Зале (Проект Фабрика).Программа будет показана три раза - в 16.00, 18.00 и в 20.00. Продолжительность программы - 1час 10 мин. Стоимость билета - 300 р. Участники фестиваля +1 гость - бесплатно. Адрес: (м. Бауманская) Переведеновский пер. 18, проходная 1

So here is a picture of Дед Мороз or Ded Moroz (Otherwise known as Grandfather Frost) and his Granddaughter Snegurochka.

Below is Ded Moroz's Yakutian colleague Chys Khan who lives in the coldest part of Siberia - not far I imagine from Kansk, where my short film had its world premiere!

Finally, to salute the title of this post, here is The Goodies making daft noises for Christmas.

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