Monday, 1 December 2008

Media City

Media City, a festival of Avant-garde cinema and media art. The festival runs between May 12-16, 2009. There is no entry fee, no restriction on the amount of entries but your work needs to have been completed from January 1st onwards. So, onward you must press and send in your films to Media City, screening in Ontario, Canada. Ontario is the largest province in Canada population wise, and famous comedians Jim Carey and Mike Meyers came from there. To get more specific, just so you know where your films are going, Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada. The main venue for screenings apart from Artcite is the Capitol Theatre and Arts Centre.

Here is a snapshot of the theatre taken in 1948. Things have obviously changed a little with it, for instance I doubt they are still screening "Give my regards to Broadway" directed by Lloyd Bacon and starring Dan Dailey and Nancy Guild, as advertised when this picture was taken.

Deadline for Media City is Feb 20th 2009!

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