Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Melbourne Queer Film Festival

Last days to get your films into the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. The deadline is the 5th of December. There is no entry fee to submit your work. MQFF is one of the oldest queer film festivals in the world and the second largest film festival in Victoria. Check out my other post about MQFF for further details.

If you fancy volunteering to help prep the 2009 festival, you can pop over to this page. MQFF also seeks out volunteers during the non-festival time, so if you want to get involved in a festival that has over 250 volunteers who pitch in to make MQFF a great event, then shoot them off an email, or subscribe to their e-newsletter BUFF.

Remember also that MQFF not only reviews work by queer filmmakers but also work that is of interest to the queer community. So don't hold back, if you are wrapping Christmas presents this month anyway, why not wrap up a few festival entries as well!

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