Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Moving house.

All has been a little silent here at snuffboxfilms due to moving house over the Christmas break. Relocating the office to a more spacious venue, and doing a bit of gardening for a change.

I came across this house here and decided to renovate. If anyone knows of the pain one goes through with renovating then examining this photo, you will understand the job that lay before me. I knew that a lot of work needed to be done on the place, frankly it was an embarrassment to my street, and I just couldn't bring myself to live there under its current condition.

Before I renovated.

After much work I have at least gotten the place to look pretty decent. Below is the near final result. I think it has turned out quite well, and for all my hard work I can at least now relax in the garden and because of an outer insulating moat of egg cartons, I have managed to block out the traffic noise at night!

After I renovated.

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