Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Some wrapping up on Christmas Eve

A few websites have come to my attention that provide assistance to filmmakers, the first is called Manage Your Film, which basically works on the MOODLE principle. You could use a MOODLE for the management of your film production but then again, Manage Your Film I suppose is geared specifically for film production. The unfortunate side to Manage Your Film is that you have to pay for it and for a lot of independent filmmakers, that may just be another unwanted expense on an already expensive production process, but who knows, down the track they may just drop the fee and run it off sponsorship and or advertising.

The other site I recently came across may be of interest to anyone uploading mobile content. It is called Fix My Movie, and it cleans up mobile phone content for web viewing. One good use of this site may be the documenting of the production process to tease a trail of interest for your film. Often it is easier just to capture production moments off the phone instead of allocating an individual to carry an extra camera, especially with short films as creating "making of" movies is rare.

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