Monday, 19 January 2009

13th edition of Ismailia International Film Festival

The Ismailia International Festival of Documentary & Short Films runs between 10-17 October 2009. More about this festival will be posted soon as details arrive on my "desk". There is not an entry fee attached to submitting your films to Ismailia. Film must have been made between 2008-2009 however and the deadline to register your film is the 30Th of June 2009. "For cultural & non-commercial screening" must be actually printed on the DVD, VHS or reel can when submitting your movie.

There are lots of categories including "Experimental Short Works", "Short Documentaries", and more!

You can visit the Egyptian Film Center website here. This is where you will soon be able to access the 13Th edition regulations and entry form, so make sure you bookmark it and check for updates over the following weeks.

I don't have any snap to accompany this festival, so I thought I'd put in a picture from the very classic Tom Baker episode of Doctor Who "Pyramids of Mars" (Shot in Mick Jagger's house y'know!)

Tom Baker face to face with a Sarcophagus in The Pyramids of Mars.

I am still off-line at home so hopefully snuffboxfilms will pick up speed again by the end of this week. I have found this time without the Internet useful though, giving my brain a bit of breathing space to nut out ideas and do necessary sketches for upcoming projects. At the moment I am toying around with the idea of putting together a computer game (Mainly MAC based) as the production methods are not that different from creating film.

Other than that, I've been watching Seven of One featuring Ronnie Barker in a series of character impressions and stories. There are a few really good episodes including the original "pilot" for Porridge called Prisoner and Escort, and the original "pilot" for Open All Hours - these episodes were made for Seven of One but became renowned series of their own right.

One Man's Meat, was one I particularly liked featuring also Prunella Scales playing the wife of a man on a desperate diet, so desperate that on going out she has hidden all the food in the house and even his clothes to prevent him from going out and getting any. The other stand-out episode is I'll Fly You For A Quid which was written by Roy Clarke (Writer of Open All Hours) where he plays a Welshman obsessed with betting called Mr Owen.

It all leads me to the conclusion that Ronnie Barker is one of the finest character comics there is and his talent for getting his tongue around difficult sketches with perfect timing is exceptional, not to mention his love of vintage erotica, so much so when it was auctioned, one buyer needed a small truck to cart away his purchase.

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