Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Too Sexy For Sundance

That's me behind the other two (Where my character likes to be). Picture from the MultiVisionnaire site

The Sundance Festival Programmer made the statement that The Band written and directed by Anna Brownfield is "...too sexy for Sundance!"

I had bucket loads of fun acting as GB the sex addicted bass player over a period of a three week shoot. I was able to be a rock 'n' roller for a while which was entertaining as I am very much not but we had a ball doing the shoot and I got to mix with some very groovy people. Some scenes were challenging but it made it all the more worthwhile.

The Band is being distributed by MultiVisionnaire Media in The States. It's a bit sad though that a film made in this country requires picking up by an international distributor in order to then possibly be imported back into the country. I don't know if we will see it on the cinema screens here but all I can say is that Anna is a bit of a whizz at film making and if The Band does alright then hopefully a flood of future projects will fountain from her pen. In any case I'm of the philosophy to forget about your own backyard if it doesn't want you playing there.

You see, I'm not the greatest actor on the planet but being primarily a writer, at times just jumping in front of the camera and being part of the process without having to worry about all the other technical and narrative stuff is time well spent. I really get a kick out of developing my character, it's like writing the other way around.

Of course hanging out with the other actors during set-up time is pleasurable too. I can glance out of the corner of my eye all the technical brow knitting going on and think to myself that I know what they are going through and relieved at this time not to be in the same head space. Of course acting comes with its own dilemmas and mine always is how I say certain lines, on watching myself back I can cringe at certain ways I have delivered a line. Certain intonations I put on words.

Here are us actors hanging out, on a bed so it happens to be. I am on the right, Amy is in the middle and Butch is on the left. Together we make "Gutter Filth" the punk rockers with kinky agendas. Picture from Cinando.

You can watch the trailer for The Band here. (WARNING: R-Rated)

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