Monday, 5 January 2009

KAN Film Festival 2009

This is what you get once you complete the Online submission form, but you'll also need to print out a copy and send it with your film. Oh and use CAPITAL letters when filling it out, I made the mistake of not doing so and had to re-fill out the form that was emailed to me.

KAN is a film festival that screens films in Warszawa (Warsaw) in Poland. The festival deadline is 31st of January and KAN runs from between 22rd and 26th April 2009. Entry to KAN is free.

KAN is a Festival of Amateur and Independent Cinematography (Festiwal Kina Amatorskiego i Niezależnego KAN), and the festival is in its tenth year. You can read all the guidelines for submission here. As part of the terms of entry for international submission films can be up to 30 minutes with English subtitles, so if your film is in English don't bother with the subtitles unless your actors mumbled their way through the film or it is a biopic on Marlon Brando. Don't you love it how I repeat the same old quips time and time again on this site.

Did I mention that entry to KAN is free? I'm sure I did, I mostly do.

I too have an artistic Polish connection with the release of my latest spoken word single "Remix This", you can either buy a copy from Last FM or Indie Store. We are currently tossing about ideas for the video clip so if anyone is feeling creative and wants to do one just for the heck of their showreel, just drop me a line.


AuCorp said...

Bardzo pięknie że Pan opisał nasz festiwal.

Nie widzieliśmy się sporo czasu, jak pan sobie zorganizuje nowe miejsce zamieszkania, i oboje będziemy mieli torchę czasu, to pójdziemy sobie na lampkę lub siedemnaście!

Cześć i 3 maj się !

Rups said...

Funny you should have written this, I was going to send it to you for translation until I saw AuCorp!


Very soon.


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