Monday, 26 January 2009

Minute Moments 2009 Montreal

The Moment Factory is "music for the eyes" they say. There are many arms to the Moment Factory from production studio, to multi-platform arts, and video installation immersive environments. Quite extensive. Minute Moments continues through-out the year so keep abreast of the Moment Factory Blog which I have provided the link below. I think they accept International entries for some of the Minute Moment events, you just have to wait and see which ones.

Have a read of the Moment Factory Blog or just go to the Moment Factory website to get the run-down on what these guys do. It's very much music orientated minute filmmaking with the first event being held at the Nomad Station Media Café in Montreal (Also check out Nomad Moments TV). This event may only be applicable to those living in Canada but if you find yourself traveling through Montreal, you may like to check out the space and perhaps meet some minute moment makers.

Filmmakers are required to make a 60 second film using tracks on the Analekta classical music label. The specs are DV NTSC 720 x 480) and participation is free. When you've made your film pop on over to the Nomad Station on Tuesday 27th of January at 8pm and submit your film for viewing. Easy as pie. You will need a password to access Analekta but that is provided on the Blog.

For further events and details, pop on over to the Moment Factory website and register for upcoming events. If you would like to read my previous posts on this project then go here.

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