Tuesday, 6 January 2009

One Minute Film & Video Festival

I've had films screened at the One Minute Film & Video Festival in Aarau Switzerland before, and that was in 2007 "The Film that John Lennon couldn't make" and also "60 Second Relief" which was banned in Melbourne from MUFF, not by MUFF (Melbourne Underground Film Festival) but by the OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification). They were thoughtful enough to even have Police present at the screening where my film was supposed to show, just to make sure that the explicit minute that is "60 Second Relief" didn't sneakily tick by without classifiable consent.

Alright, so it wasn't exactly like some 1960's happening where Police presence was over-run by a humming and swaying sit-in crowd - but it certainly made the press even if the newspaper article was smaller then a classified advert appealing for the return of a lost Mojo.

So, in Switzerland you have a broad minded and mature public who can enjoy titillation and the bawdry side of life but in Oz it's all lemon faces and a pretense towards being "sexual", indeed our sexual sensibility is so far removed from the progressive ideas of innovative thinkers like H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Walt Whitman and D.H. Lawrence that we instead hide behind a facade of faux "sexuality" (The kind that elludes to sexiness) which through its repression of any deeper more sophisticated and engaging libido tends to foster awkwardly malformed sexualities. Enough though of this idle pontificating on our natures of lust ...

Aargau is a canton of Switzerland of which Aarau is the capital. There are 26 cantons in Switerland, which are essentially sovereign states. Albert Einstein went to school in Aarau, so you can imagine the education system to be pretty good.

Above is a scenic view of the famous roof-tops of Aarau. Switzerland, besides Portugal, is the one place I have been over-seas. I went to Zürich as my cousin is the Portuguese Ambassador there, but that was a long time ago although I still remember a few things about being there such as snow falling knee deep as I went to leave the Apartments Nova with my Aunty. I also recall going to the Franz Carl Weber on the Bahnhofstrasse as any child would because of its endless allure of toys.

So get your one minute films or micro movies, whatever you like to call them, into the One Minute Festival Aarau Switzerland (There is no entry fee). Deadline is 31st May and Online entry forms may be filled out here. Or if you don't already have a micro movie to your credit, you may take this opportunity to begin brain drizzling, I say brain drizzling because you don't really need to brain storm with such a small format in mind, a mere drizzle will suffice. I like to call them espresso entertainment.

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