Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Sexy International Film and Music Festival 2009

It's round two of the Sexy International Film and Music Festival. Last year saw the festival tour the world, all the big cities (New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Melbourne and more), and I imagine the festival will be just as big this year. The festival showcases works that celebrate love, relationships and sexuality. Whatever your craft is, experimental, feature film, short film, documentary, animation or music clip get your entries in by May 31st.

There is an entry fee attached to submitting but occasionally if I support the mission statement of a festival, I waiver the fact it costs to submit, and besides, this festival needs fuel for flying around the world! It's only $20 anyway, so stave off buying those DVDs and use the cash to send your film in.

Read the entry requirements carefully, they are included within the entry form which is smart, and can be accessed from the Sexy Film Fest site linked at the top of this post.

This festival will experience an interesting year with the tightening of censorship codes in Australia and the new censorship attitudes filtering across the nation. Hopefully a few filmmakers will address this issue and get some discussion going. As a filmmaker who has had a film refused classification I feel that society has overturned ethics for morals and possibly can't comprehend that perhaps cake is the same price as bread.

More on all this debacle when my Internet is fixed!

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