Thursday, 29 January 2009

VIII International Kansk Video Festival

Deadline for entry is May 15TH, 2009 if you want to get your films submitted into the VIII International Kansk Video Festival (Russian Federation). My film screened there last year (2008) so if you want to read up on those posts you can do as much here and here.

One very cool thing about having your film screen here is that when you tell people about it they think you've lisped "Cannes" but in reality the Kansk Video Festival is way cooler than Cannes, in the sense of trend and climate.

Here is the mission statement as outlined on the International Kansk Video Festival website.

Kansk Video Festival provides a social platform for alternative and innovative films, its producing and promoting. Those works are beyond the bounds of mainstream in cinematography, as well in contemporary art.

Kansk Video Festival is international competition of films, videos and video-art, also of adjoining genres in visual art, on the border between cinema and contemporary art.

Kansk Video Festival is a neutral territory in which independent views, even radical ones, but rethinked by actual culture, are encouraged.

Kansk Video Festival is a provider of new names, genres, styles, fresh ideas for all-absorbing reservoir of film industry and television . The festival of art discoveries will not stop in pioneer research of our visual future.

Kansk Video Festival is the first Eurasian film and video forum opened for everybody freethinking, little known and celebrated artists and film directors.

Kansk Video Festival is education laboratory that develops its auditory by screening actual art, films and videos out of cultural capitals and traditional for many film festivals "palm-and-beach" places.

Kansk Video Festival is art-territory and anti-Hollywood.

Submission to the International Kansk Video Festival is free and the rules and entry form can all be found on one page here.

The theme for this years festival is: Infinity (The special category is: "Endless Film").

Here is a striking photo of a Cathedral in Kansk.

I wish you all the удача with your entries!

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