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Abstracta is an international exhibition of abstract films held in Rome. The festival is organised by The Cultural Association ZAC and Link Campus University of Malta. June 30TH 2009 is the deadline for getting entries in and there is no cost involved in registering your film. The festival screens in Rome a city that spans over two and a half thousand years. I believe the festival also screens out of several other cities in different countries also.

Abstract cinema is sometimes known as 'cinema absolute'. Early experiments in abstract cinema were carried out by two Italian filmmakers between 1910 and 1913 examining elements of an "analogy between the harmony of colours and the harmony of music". Abstract cinema is about multi-expressivity and adhering to all the mediums found in artistic creation. There are degrees of mysticism in abstract cinema employed with scientific application and science employed with mystical application. If you are interested in reading up about abstract cinema then you can do so here.

Entry forms and regulations for Abstracta may be tracked down here.

If you are interested in seeing an example of abstract cinema why not go back to the roots, I have pasted a video below. This piece was made by Viking Eggeling in 1924, and it is called Diagonal Sinfonie. This version was restored by Gösta Werner in 1994, it is an attempt to discover basic principles of time.

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