Sunday, 8 February 2009

Cheese Sandwich Film Festival 2009

Is there an entry fee to submit to the Cheese Sandwich Film Festival? No there is not. Held in Wilmington, North Carolina (US), Wilmington was the early stomping ground (but not the birthplace) of the basket ball player Michael Jordan (He Got Game, Space Jam, Looney Tunes: Back in Action). The deadline for entering the Cheese Sandwich Film Festival is March 20TH 2009. The festival screens on April Fools Day at Jengo's Playhouse. The link leads to the Jengo's Playhouse Blog so you can have a look at what events are at the Indie Cinema.

The stipulations for entry are:

1. The film has to be about a cheese sandwich. This can be loose.
2. The film must be creative.
3. The film must be under 3 minutes!!!!

The only other stipulation is that your film must be sent with a "bribe". The bribe can be anything (obviously not something disgusting because the Fan Favourite award receives all the bribes that were sent into the festival). So get rummaging, it can be anything like a canned of creamed corn, a shoe horn, or a model airplane kit. Whatever you think will make an impact.

There is no entry form but you can read their mission statement here, and you can also donate to support the festival. This is the debut of the Cheese Sandwich Film Festival.

And in case you are wondering, this is not an April Fools Day joke nor is the fact that the festival entry costs you nothing. It is believed that April Fools comes from the story of Noah who sent off his dove to signal the ending of the flood too early, before the waters had receded. What a prankster!


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Are you going to submit a Cheese Sandwich film? I was thinking return of the Cheddi but I think I'm getting too close to weird Al on that idea.

Rups :)

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