Monday, 2 March 2009

Culture Unplugged

Green Unplugged is the theme behind the Culture Unplugged festival which, I believe has an Online and Offline component to it. The criteria as outlined on the website is ...

1) Films on : Cultural History, Social Justice, Contemporary Human Rights Issues, Spiritual Evolution, Biographies of heroes of humanity.

2) Any form : Shorts (less than 15 min.) Short Features (up to 60 min.) Full Feature (up to 180 min.) + Mobi-films (up to 3 min.)

3) Film projects which are open to non-exclusive distribution (online and /or broadcast worldwide).

4) Films which are in English or suitably sub-titled in English (films originally produced in regional languages are welcome).

The Online entry form can be found here. You can send your film to any of their offices in San Mateo (USA), Maharashtra (India), or Auckland (New Zealand).

Entry submission to Culture Unplugged is cost efficient, it doesn't cost anything.

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