Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Doritos - You make it, they play it.

Poster to the French comedy Tortilla y Cinema, a film by Martin Provost. Nothing to do with Doritos besides the Tortilla bit.

Entries are open up until the 3rd of May to have a crack at winning $20, 000 and having your advert broadcast across the country. All you need to do is shoot an advert for Doritos. Doritos are a brand of flavoured tortilla chip, and have been around since 1966. In the brief they state that you should stay clear of showing "budgie smugglers" (That's men in tight jocks) or people in the buff, but I think a rather nice advert would be spoofing the old Cadbury Flake commercials but using Adam and Eve as the reference as Dorito chips do look a bit like leaves for covering up those sinful areas.

These open-source commercial campaigns are frequently becoming the trend, where companies can ask their consumers to endorse their own products. It is neat, DIY advertising and we've seen it come about with sponsored reviews on the Net, where you can either choose something to promote or put up your wares for others to promote.

Doritos is owned by the PepsiCo (Pepsi Company) under the division of Frito-Lay.

So the rules for making this advert are: 29 seconds (no more, no less), video formats are the usual suspects (.mp4, .flv, .avi, .wmv) and like once YouTube had in its early days 100mb is the max file size. You also need to get consent from everyone appearing in your advert so if you happen to do a Bowfinger then you're going to have a hard time convincing Geoffrey Rush that he needs to sign a consent form because you secretly filmed him eating Nachos in a Hawthorn restaurant. There are freebies on the Dorito site that you can use like music (So you can avoid 'Musician Release' forms) but unfortunately not free actors.

What I do love about the brief though is the last part. Besides no swearing or nudity and nothing too violent or offensive (Which is obvious because of the Advertising television guidelines) but they also say "Remember, this is a Doritos ad, not a Quentin Tarantino film".

You should also read the guidelines section of the competition as they are different from the rules of the competition, the guidelines are to do with general advertising standards for broadcast on television. Check out the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice to really make your advert precise and professional.

Okay to end this post of promotional matter, there are a bucket load of prizes to win each week so it might just be worth having a crack at advertising. I recommend you watch Bruce Robinson's How To Get Ahead In Advertising with Richard E Grant. Oh and unfortunately this comp is only open to Australian residents, so if you're an Australian living in Canada, hard luck.

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