Thursday, 26 February 2009

Exploding Cinema Feb 2009

Tomorrow is Exploding Cinema at the Half Moon Pub in Herne Hill, London. You can get all the details of what to submit to the next screening here on their web page. If you want to read up a little more about this event, I have previously mentioned Exploding Cinema here, here, here and even here.

So I've talked a lot about Exploding Cinema but what of its venue, The Half Moon Pub? Established as a hotel in 1896, The Half Moon Pub these days is one of the few remaining live gig venues in South London, over the past 25yrs have been early performances by the likes of Van Morrison and U2. There is also free Wifi for the customers so you can check up on upcoming festivals from the snuffboxfilm's Blog.

If you would like to befriend Exploding Cinema on Myspace, their page is right here.

Submission is costless to Exploding Cinema and they have excellent 16mm and Super 8/standard 8 projectors, so you can also send in your reels!

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