Monday, 9 February 2009

Low & No Budget Short Film Festival Tour 2009

The Internationales Low und No Budget Kurz film festival 2009 (Low & No budget shortfilm festival tour 2009) tours around Germany in the towns of Stuttgart, Heilbronn and Mainz. The festival also visits some European cities during its festival season. Categories are "extremely short" at 3 minutes, "short film" at 3-15 minutes, and the special category which is under the theme "It started promising..." at 3-15 minutes. What they like is pasted from their website below ...

"we like accurately planned films, spontaneously done projects, exercises and inventive products which came into being (almost) by accident. Filmmakers who are not willing to submit their creativity to a fixed kind of commercial frame are invited to share their work with our festival audience! Originality of the plot or the way in which the story is told and flows are the crucial factors of evaluation. (And then there are some more formal criteria regarding the length of films (see above). But that is about it."

There is no entry fee attached to this festival, and the entry-form can be downloaded or printed straight from the website. Deadline is 1st of April 2009. Any frequently asked questions are answered on this page.

You can keep up with the progress of the festival by subscribing or bookmarking to the Low & No Budget Short Film Festival Tour Blog.

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