Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Milano International Film Festival 2009

They are at it again in Milano, the 2009 Milano International Film Festival is calling for entries with a deadline of May 31st. You can dart right on over to the festival page which has the entry form and regulations ready for downloading. Or you can keep on reading this post enjoying my piffy prattle. Previously on snuffboxfilms I mentioned the Milano International Film Festival and a bit about their State (T)error section.

Make sure your film was made after January 2008. The "short film jury is composed of a group of Italian or international professionals belonging to the world of cinema or visual arts" so expect a high level of experienced and talented folk to be scanning your entries for brilliance.

You can read all the rules here and after that, you can then fill out the Online entry form (Short Films) here.

Oh and before I forget because my brain is somewhat addled these days ... there are no entry fees!

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