Saturday, 28 February 2009

Monterrey International Film Festival 2009

There are only two more months in order to get your films into the Monterrey International Film Festival in Mexico. Short films must have been produced after January 2008 and films from all around the world are encouraged to enter. The three main categories are: Fiction, Documentary and Animation.

The deadline is April 30th, 2009. There is no entry fee to submit your film to the Monterrey International Film Festival, but remember to mark your package "“NO COMMERCIAL VALUE / SIN VALOR COMERCIAL. FOR CULTURAL TEMPORAL EXHIBITION ONLY / PARA EXHIBICIÓN CULTURAL TEMPORAL ÚNICAMENTE.” and declare a custom value of $5 USD.

So go straight on over (or linger for a while) to the submission page to read up on all the details as well as access to the entry form.

Monterrey is the capital city in the Mexican state of Nuevo León. It is one of the most important cities financially wise in Mexico. It is also an important broadcasting and media producing city in Mexico with eleven Air TV channels broadcasting in the city. Below is a panoramic view of the city of Monterrey.

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