Friday, 13 February 2009

Netherlands Transgender Film Festival 2009

March the 1st is the deadline to get your films in to the Netherlands Transgender Film Festival. Entry forms can be download from the website. The festival screens between the 20th and 24th of May.

On May 19th there will be an International Symposium on Trans Cinema Studies at the University of Amsterdam. For further information, click on the "2007" tab as it actually leads to information about the 2009 festival, if you want to jump straight to the entry form and information page you can also do so by clicking here.

A study is being conducted into Trans Cinema by a doctorate student at Melbourne University. If you identify as Trans in any way then this might be a study you are interested in participating in. If so you can get in touch with the doctorate student by contacting the Melbourne University School of Culture and Communications faculty, or pop on over to the Nixwilliams Blog for more details and contact information.

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