Saturday, 14 February 2009

Quiet On Set with Ken Russell

Quite on Set is a resource for filmmakers allowing them access to over 5500 actors of varying experience. The site is updated continuously and on it you will find talent who are interested in doing short films, feature films, theatre and attending industry events. Based in Australia, but you should sniff around the Internet to see what similar websites you have in your own backyards, and if you don't, then start one up!

You can easily submit your casting notice, general information or if you are running a course by using the Online form accessible from the front page of the website.

If you wish to advertise on the site, just email through the details.

And why I thought of putting a picture of The Who onto this post can only be derived from the "quiet" aspect of this post's title, being that in 1976 they held title as being the loudest band in history until 1984 when Manowar surpassed them by 3.5 decibels. Although this is my beside the point way of getting to another point.

No, the second segment of this post is not about Tommy, it is about Ken Russell (Director of Tommy) who is currently embarking on his 10 million dollar adaptation of Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders. He is shooting in Croatia, and we are to expect to see Barry Humphries, Steven Berkoff and Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty in the cast. We can hopefully expect this films release in December 2009 or if we are unlucky, then 2010.

I haven't read Moll Flanders but I have read Daniel Defoe's Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress, a great novel but there exists an alternative ending "completed" by another writer who perhaps endeavored to flavor Defoe's story with a more moral outcome to Roxana's wicked, wicked ways by adding that always typical "making of peace" with God of "damned" souls whilst on their death beds. When the novel was first published however, Defoe merely presented Roxana's final predicament as an orbicular one and the assertion that repentance is the consequence of her misery just as her misery is the consequence of her misdeed tells us that cause and effect is one in the same immeasurable process.

But back to Ken Russell, he recently and amusingly told reporters at the Motovun Film Festival 2008 in Croatia that his next film is to be Brave Tart versus The Lochness Monster. Ken Russell also walked out of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK (Good man). For an eighty year old man, Ken seems extremely on the ball and energetic, and his foray back into making short films can be heard here.

And below is Ken Russell receiving the Maverick award at the Motovun Film Festival in Zagreb, Croatia.

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