Friday, 27 February 2009

SUFF 2009

SUFF are offering a $5 discount if you send in with your entry a recent film festival rejection letter.

All submission details can be found at that there link I just did. SUFF is not free entry however, running an underground film festival in Australia is like busking in Antarctica, by that I mean, as my father once told me (He worked in the Antarctic Division for Meteorology) that you can stand in your underpants on a sunny day in Antarctica and not be cold but if you feel the slightest wind then you'll freeze your nuts off.

SUFF stands for the Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF is also the acronym for the Seattle Underground Film Festival which I'm not sure is still running). The festival screens its films at The Factory Theatre in NSW (New South Wales) from Thursday 10th September to Sunday 13th September. Part of their mission statement says "Historically, it has always been the marginal movements in film culture, which eventually influences mainstream film forms." and this is true not only in the media forms of film but in painting, poetry and literature (and music).

In 2007 I sent an agent on behalf of snuffboxfilms, Dale Slamma to review the festival, but this year I urge you all to go along yourselves and get a dose of diverse cinema.

Early bird deadline is April 24th and the regular deadline is May 29th, this will effect what you pay to register your film with SUFF, so take note. Works in progress will be considered if completed production is submitted by 26th of June. So those are the important dates, if you want to go ahead and submit your film then pop on over to this link.

It has been a while since I have peeped into the current debate on Australian filmmaking but it appears even Wikipedia has our culture down as, "Since the middle of the 20th century, Australian culture has been influenced by American popular culture (particularly television and cinema)" and "Australia's film history has been characterised as one of 'boom and bust' due to the unstable and cyclical nature of its industry; there have been deep troughs when few films were made for decades and high peaks when a glut of films reached the market". Finally it says "The most successful actors and film-makers are easily lured by Hollywood and rarely return to the domestic film industry."

So there you have it, that is the official Wikipedia stance and not particular luring for people to want to enter the industry and make a go of it as a career. It does however highlight that there is still very much a problem somewhere.

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