Monday, 2 February 2009

The Two Ronnies and Madeline Smith's nipple.

Madeline Smith (Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, Carry on Matron, "Milligan in...", Up the Front) is probably either tired or amused at people having spotting her exposed nipples during the Hampton Wick sketches on The Two Ronnies but it is worth noting just because you just don't expect it. I can't believe the camera crew just kept on filming even more so how the editor missed it, maybe they were totally engrossed in the expressive countenance of Ronnie Corbett. Snuffboxfilms sinking to new levels where retro-nipple exposure is news on a Monday night. Although from my point of view, I'm sitting down to dinner with the family, looking forward to another classic Brit comedy when I'm confronted with this effrontery (Excuse the pun). Although Madeline Smith is quite stunning and pleasurable to watch through-out Hampton Wick which is a sort of amalgamation of great British institutions of literature like Dickens and Thackery.

Apparently when it aired on ITV the nipple was blurred but on the DVD you can enjoy the uncensored version which carries on for quite a bit of time.

Madeline Smith was a 'Hammer Girl" by the way, for anyone interested in horror films. She was one of the starlets who worked frequently with Hammer Films Productions, an independent horror movie production studio in the UK.

Madeline Smith publicity photo.


Kari said...

She is quite cute and would likely have known about the display too...though I believe it was more offensive for a lady to display her elbows in the costume era for which she is attired.

Rups said...

Yes, Kari, she appeared mostly in scantily clad clothing during many films, but worked extensively in prime-time Brit comedy too. Funnily enough her elbows are well covered but had they not I'm not all too sure I would have Blogged it!

:) Rups

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