Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Video Art in Athens 2009

The Poster says it all, video art, animation, digital image, web art and installation art - all this makes up the Athens Video Art Festival 2009. The deadline for sumbissions is only a few weeks away on Febuary 15th (Extended), read about it also here at one of my previous posts, but don't get confused about the deadline as that post was written before they extended it to Feb 15th.

The festival is organised by Multitrab, who are Multitrab, well in their words "Multitrab Productions is an urban non profitable company based in Athens which, bearing in mind the energy and actions of modern artists, organizes multi-dimensional events with the aim to promote digital culture." To get a sense on the event you can browse through some of the previous festival years on their Photos page.

You can also befriend them on Myspace here.

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