Saturday, 14 March 2009

25 FPS Experimental Film and Video Festival

25 FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival in Zagreb, Croatia is currently calling for entries. The deadline is May 1st 2009. There is no entry fee and submissions can be in either PAL or NTSC formats. Online entry may be made using The Short Film Depot Rules and regulations may be obtained from the 25FPS website.

If you want to check out the past festival, you can here. The festival is organised by the Association for Audio-visual Research 25 FPS. The festival takes place at the Student's Centre in Zagreb, Savska 25. The Student's Centre was founded in 1957 and includes the Theatre &TD, the Music Salon, the Multimedia Centre, the Student Centre Gallery, the Student Centre Movie Theatre and the Student Centre Club with its Cyber Café.

The University of Zagreb is the oldest University in Croatia and one of the largest and oldest in Southern Eastern Europe.

On another note, those of you living in Melbourne might want to pop along to Fedfest on Sunday 15th of March at Federation Square. A filmmaker I know Yianni Warnock is having his film premiered "Lunchbox Men". Submissions for the 2010 festival open June 1st 2009, I'm not sure if there is an entry fee or not (Best way to find out is to check snuffboxfilms around June 1st and if I've posted about the festival then there isn't an entry fee and if I haven't then there is).

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