Monday, 16 March 2009

54TH Corona Cork Film Festival 2009

Held between 1 - 8TH November 2009, The Corona Cork Film Festival is held in Cork, Ireland. As I have mentioned before, this film festival is Ireland's oldest and largest film event. It also doesn't have an entry fee attached so you have little to lose sending in your film. The deadline for international entries is June 26th, 2009. The screening formats are 35mm, Beta SP (PAL only), Digibeta, DV, MiniD, DV-cam. Short films should have been made after July 1st 2007 and be under 30 minutes in duration.

Also I would like to mention, since it is becoming a current trend for travellers to do volunteer work whilst visiting over-seas countries, that you can volunteer at The Cork Film Festival. For registration see this page. That way you can be in the thick of it and make some contacts too. They are seeking volunteers in the following areas of Box Office, Office Administration, Venues, Print Transport, Production, Guest Reception, Press Reception, Schools Programme and Market Research.

The entry form and details can be looked at here.

So don't be a noodeenaw, you wont be losing many spondulicks sending your film off to The Cork Film Festival, and if you are planning on visiting Ireland why not volunteer, it's a dinger of a festival. You might like to brush up on your Cork slang too, so I have included a link to Seán Beecher's book on Cork Slang, which you can preview or purchase. Just click on the picture below to be taken there.

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