Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Antimatter 2009

Badlit has reminded me that The Antimatter Film Festival is currently open to entries for their 2009 festival. Held in Victoria, BC, Canada (From october the Oct. 9TH until October 17TH) the festival aims to provide a forum and screeening opportunities for those of us more experimentally minded, more avant-garde, more subversive in our views and well undergrounded in our ways.

There is an entry fee attached to this festival, $15 US for early entries (April 17TH), and regular fee of $25 US for entries received at the regular deadline of June 5TH. You can lay claim to the entry form by following this link.

The manifesto for the Antimatter Film Festival is ...

"Antimatter exists to provide a public platform for underground
productions of fi lm and video—imaginative, volatile, entertaining
and critical works that exist outside of the mainstream.

It is a forum for innovative and radical ideas overlooked or
marginalized by contemporary culture.

Antimatter is a noncompetitive series of screenings chosen
by jury/curatorial committee.

Antimatter is the neutral ground designed to support the
independent/individual voice regardless of the subversive
or dangerous nature of its content, stylistic concerns or
commercial viability.

Antimatter is dedicated to fi lm and video as art. It is anti-
Hollywood and anti-censorship.

Antimatter is a laboratory for audience development and
education, exhibiting works in alternative venues, outside
of the traditional black box of the cinema.

Antimatter is dedicated to producing quality documentation/
interpretive materials for print and internet dissemination
locally, nationally and internationally.

Antimatter screenings are presented to the public for
nominal charge."

Entries may be submitted on DVD (NTSC or PAL), VHS (NTSC or PAL) or MiniDV (NTSC or PAL).

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