Monday, 23 March 2009

Disposable Films at Exploding Cinema

Dispose of your films thoughtfully by sending them to the next Disposable Film Festival, and what kind of films can be recycled this way you may ask? Well, skip on over to the 2009 festival at The Half Moon Pub to have a gawk or go to the Disposable Film Festival website below to see, as Michael Caine would say, what's it all about?

Here is the latest press release from Exploding Cinema!

EXPLODING CINEMA presents: Disposable Film night
Friday 17th April at the Half Moon in Herne Hill

DISPOSABLE FILMS: films exclusively made using unconventional, non-professional devices such as mobile phones, one-time use video cameras, digital stills cameras, webcams, USB microscopes, computer screen capture software, and other video capture devices.

Often made quickly, casually, and sometimes even unintentionally, they have been made possible by this new hardware and the rise of online distribution (YouTube, Google, MySpace, etc.).

Directors of Saturday night mobile phone videos, actors under the eyes of security cameras, and narrators before their webcams….we live in an age of disposable film.

Now Exploding Cinema will be showing the best of this exciting new genre at a special one-off event. Featuring San Francisco’s Disposable film Festival 2009 programme, and some of our own UK talent.

Also featuring a special live set by Belgium’s *Cinema Sonore*: An amazing fusion of live visuals, music and animation from Stefan Martens & Joeri Dobbeleir

Friday 17th April

The Half Moon.

10 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill SE24 9HU

Doors 7.30pm.

£5 entry.

Rail: Herne Hill (9 mins from Victoria)

Tube: Brixton

Bus: 3, 37, 68, 196, 201, 322.

So, you know what they say ... waste not, want not. Send 'em your visions.

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