Thursday, 12 March 2009


I discovered this amusing observation on student filmmaking as I was browsing through Rebels, a Latinate Film initiative. Well Melbourne Rebels to be more precise. Anyway, D.U.M.P.S stands for "Directing Unsuccessful Motion Picture Shorts", and the website you can read this insight is Filmmaker. The thing is we all know that many students are experiencing learning curves so what makes it even scarier is that there are filmmakers who aren't students that are using these devices also!

My own opinions on these matters, although I chuckled at the truisms from the article, rest primarily on students having at least one year of not making or doing anything technically orientated to do with films. One year upon which to cogitate. One year upon which to brew themselves in texts. Watch films, read books, look at paintings, listen to music and talk to each other. Instead of waking up one morning and saying, I want to make films, better learn all about. Get to the point of saying, I have these great ideas and manifesting them into cinema would communicate the best outcome for them.

So that's my two cents worth. Now onto other bits and things.

Whilst I'm Blogging general stuff, I thought readers might like to go and have a peek at Chioke Nassor, you can pick up an "Honorary Negro" or "Honorary Jew" badge from his Blog, or watch some of his movies. Either way, you will be entertained. He's working on something called Titsburg (with an exclamation mark; I had to write that just in case you thought I was getting overly excited by the prospect).

Lastly I was wondering how Dennis O'Rourke is going. He is currently in production for a documentary called "I LOVE A SUNBURNT COUNTRY..." - I very much enjoyed CUNNAMULLA, and also THE GOOD WOMAN OF BANGKOK. Very cheeky of O'Rourke to have the two controversial girls as the headlining picture on the CUNNAMULLA page of his production company site, Camera Work. So I await to see what response will come from his next piece, I am hoping that Dennis gives us a few sharp corners as that is what makes his approach so enjoyable for me, the at times satirical humor that only a cracked mirror pointed back at us can reflect.



chioke said...

Hey thanks for the nice words dude! Looking forward to reading more on your site!

-Chioke Nassor

Rups said...


I came across your site the other week and was very amused with the Hack Comic sketch. Thought "break-up" was very good, quite different from the sketch related stuff. I'll keep checking your Blog for updates because I hear you have promised to update it more often :) Rups

frank Barresi said...

hey R,
do you know if having one actor in a film, will detach the interest of of the view, which will denounce an unsuccessful film??.. and what dictates interest in the viewer do you think? is it the happy couple who clutch their empty popcorn bucket as they leave the cinema??... that's how the stereotypical success manifests is it not??..

Rups said...


it entirely depends on the narrative - most films require some degree of tension and typically tension or conflict can be more readily drawn out from scenarios where there are more then one person, but one person can experience that conflict within themselves or from their environment.

Typically mainstream cinema aims for resolve from this conflict and tension, and ultimately they want the public to leave the cinema feeling good about things, although not everyone in the mainstream has conformed to this, Terry Gilliam is notorious for breaking this rule although less so these days.

Rups :)

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