Friday, 20 March 2009

Extra Short Film Festival (ESF'09)

Here is the press release that arrived in my inbox from ESFF Moscow for 2009.

EXTRA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (ESF'09) calls for entry. Festival will be held for the tenth time, on December of 2009 in Moscow. Deadline for submissions - 1st of November. The main condition of participation in ESF is the limit on the length of film - 60 seconds or less. The films also should contain attributes of the so-called "feature-length pictures" - title, plot, ending. Give me films!

Extra Short Film Festival.

ФЕСТИВАЛЬ СВЕРХ КОРОТКОГО ФИЛЬМА (ESF'09) приглашает к участию. Фестиваль состоится в десятый раз и пройдет в Москве в декабре 2009 года. Дедлайн для подачи работ - 1 ноября.Главным условием участия в ESF является временной лимит фильма - не длиннее 60секунд. Фильмы должны также содержать признаки т.н. "большого кино" - название, сюжет, финал. Give me films!

Extra Short Film Festival Entry and Conditions page

There is also an "ESF / 80 best" of screening, it includes winners, prize-winners and the best films of the festival from 2000 to 2008. So if you missed my film EFP at ESFF in 2008 you should be able to pop along to the following screening venues to view it again in 2009.

- on April, 1st, Loft-project "Floors", Sankt_Peterburg, Ligovsky avenue 74, at 20.00

- on April, 23rd, Cinema "Record", Nizhni Novgorod, street Piskunova 11, 19.00

The second screening event is in Nizhni Novgorod at the Arsenal, the Arsenal is "one of the biggest constructions of the Nizhni Novgorod Kremlin: it is 200 meters in length, its area is 5,000 sq. meters". It was handed down from the "Military Department to the Nizhni Novgorod branch of National Centre for Contemporary Arts in 2003".

The Extra Short Film Festival will have its "best of" screening in the Arsenal Video program at the "Record" cinema.

Nizhny Novgorod is the fourth largest city in Russia, was home to the writer Maxim Gorky of whom I recently purchased a book of his plays The Lower Depths, Enemies and The Zykovs.

The first screening on April 1st is in Saint-Petersburg at the Loft Project. The films will be showing in the Loft Wine Bar where they screen world cinema as part of the CINEMA/WINE project. The Loft Project has five floors, all of which cater for different aspects of art.

So as they say at the ESFF ... дать им фильмы! for the 2009 edition of The Extra Short Film Festival, and if you get the chance, go and see the eighty best of ESFF films in Saint-Petersburg and Nizhni Novgorod this April.

There seems to be a Russian theme this week, as it was only two days ago I cooked my wife a meal of Svinnina C Yablokami with Farshirov Annyi Luk (If you ever get the opportunity to hollow out an onion be prepared for tears). Below is an older picture of the Kremlin in Nizhni Novgorod, taken in 2004, it is quite expansive and the turrets are dotted all the way around a large wall which snakes around the landscape, and inside are beautiful garden courtyards and such.

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