Saturday, 21 March 2009

Here is Noah Taylor.

Noah Taylor in Lowenstein's "He Died with a Felafel in His Hand".

Why Noah Taylor? I will explain why. When I was a young sod I wanted to be an actor, in Australia I had little to go on at the time as I was not shaped as what is seen as archetypal Australian - butch, buff, brawny, brutish - my lean limbed and dark angular Portuguese features did not fit the bill for first billing against the likes of Bryan Brown, Russell Crowe (Although a New Zealander) or even the suburban boy next door type Ben Mendelsohn. However Noah Taylor was an inspiration to a young skunk such as myself wanting to break into the thespian world. He was lanky, not too tall and angular in facial features. I was an early teenage fan of Noah Taylor, all his roles I enjoyed, from The Year My Voice Broke, Flirting and The Nostradamus Kid.

We also shared a very similar early teenage life, as Noah left home and school at sixteen, as I did also, like Noah I went into the theatre but unlike Noah I had that purpose in mind and very much unlike Noah I didn't make a success of it.

As I progressed in age I also admired his attitude of not going to America to try and break into popular pictures. He found adequate work here and held his ground, committing himself to decent roles when he could get them and not falling into the trap of doing too much television (Indeed his television appearances in his early days are less in quantity then Russell Crowe). Noah started off on the right foot, appearing in Dogs in Space, a cult Australian film directed by Richard Lowenstein and starring Michael Hutchence. Noah played a Bowie Fan so he actually started on the right feet.

Finally Noah Taylor packed his bags and moved to England. Noah was actually born in England.

Whatever his personal reasons for moving at the time he did, certainly he made a timely exit during the middle of the great slump in the Australian film industry. This was probably the wisest thing he could do but it was also done Noah's way. He didn't move to America, he moved to the United Kingdom. He has since been dispensed with fantastic opportunities acting wise and has recently finished working with Tim Burton again, this time in Alice in Wonderland.

Noah is on a role, and all good roles it seems, he appeared in Terrence Malick's The New World, he played the role of a young Adolf Hitler type in Menno Meyjes's Max, in The Proposition written by Nick Cave he played Brian O'Leary, he had a small but interesting role in Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic, and in Alessandro Baricco's Lezione 21 he was Peters.

You can read my previous post on Noah Taylor called "Where is Noah Taylor?" here.

So I will be interested to see what challenges await him further on in his celluloid career.


Anonymous said...

saludos desde Ecuador...noah es el mejor actor q he visto, lamentablemente, en sudamerica es casi imposible conseguir sus peliculas...

Rups said...

Sí, Noé es grande. Obtención de películas independientes de otros países puede ser difícil.


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