Sunday, 15 March 2009

Irpen Film Festival

Irpen Film Festival in the Ukraine is a film festival that is an international noncommercial festival of alternative cinematograph. Deadline for the festival which runs in June is 31st of March, 2009, so get duplicating! Your submissions should be on DVD in PAL format. There is no entry fee to submit your work to IFF.

Irpen is a city in the Ukraine in the Kiev Oblast province.

The mission statement behind the festival asseverates ...

1. IFF is the unique independent noncommercial festival, without any support of State and private companies; participating in the IFF you will never advertise any sponsors or partners.

2. IFF is the most democratic festival without jury; best films are elected only by spectators.

3. IFF arranges free screenings of all films belonging to competitive and non-competitive programs; all activities related to the festival are also available and free of charge for all the visitors.

4. IFF takes to review not only movies made recently, but also old films made at any time.

5. IFF has an individual approach to each author and film, and is always open to informal dialogue with everybody.

6. IFF gives comprehensive information about authors and their films to spectators of the festival and visitors of the web-site.

7. IFF has its own Movie Library; thanks to it visitors can watch films of authors who granted such opportunity.

8. IFF annually releases DVDs with collections of festival movies, it's free of charge to all visitors who come to the festival, including spectators and authors.

9. IFF arranges retrospective screenings in different cities of Russia and Ukraine.

10. IFF is a partner of the festival Grand Off; best movies are nominated for the best European independent film.

Don't forget to write on your package ... "FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY. NO COMMERCIAL VALUE."

The motto of the festival organisers is "True art is far from commerce", Young kitten and old Dog (YK&oD) is the name of the project behind IFF, and there must be some connection to one of my favourite poets Vladimir Mayakovsky (Влади́мир Влади́мирович Маяко́вский) as he would always sign off his letters to Lili Brik (Лиля Юрьевна Брик) with reference to a puppy or dog, and Lili would respond with kitten. I make this connection also because Mayakovsky's father was a Ukrainian Cossack.

Speaking of Mayakovsky and in this instance commerce. I mention Mayakovsky (And also Fernando Pessoa - my favourite Portuguese writer) in my spoken word track.

My spoken word track Remix This in collaboration with Koshowko (Electronic music arts group brainchild of Polish born Martin K.) is available on Koshowko

Or if you fancy downloading the track directly to your mobile phone you can scan the QR below which will take you directly to the Remix This track at iTunes on your mobile device.

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