Thursday, 19 March 2009

Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival

Klik has just finished up their screening in Russia as supported by Videodom (The folks behind The Kansk International Film Festival, which is also currently calling for entries, deadline May 15TH. I can't send my film there again, so why not send yours!).

Klik however is based in the Netherlands. The deadline for entries is June 15TH 2009 and there is no entry fee for submission. Klik Amsterdam is an open festival, that means they try and show as many films possible as they receive. So you've got a superb opportunity to have your work screened without it going through a rigorous selection process. For details on how to submit your work, where to send it to, and of course the entry form - just Klik here.

Amsterdam is a rather unique city, it is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world where all socio-economic groups use pedal power to scoot around town. In the city driving a car is discouraged which is forward thinking for the environment, doing "Blockies" on a bicycle is not only environmentally friendly but also quiet. Tenants also have exceptional renting rights there, so there is a beautiful lack of nasty landlords wringing renters for every penny they've got before chucking them onto the sidewalk. Finally Amsterdam has the infamous red-light district where you can sample sex and cannabis legally. So all up quite an interesting place.

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