Saturday, 21 March 2009

Media Wave 2009 finalists

The Media Wave 2009 in Győr Hungary has selected the final films to screen in the International Competition. They received 1333 films from 61 countries so one must congratulate them on a magnificent effort in watching so many films. I think there were many impatient filmmakers out there who probably didn't leave the poor folks at Mediawave alone to make their decisions on the entries. I gathered this by some comments left by filmmakers on the comment form at the site, and thought to myself, gee, lay off the poor buggers and let them do their job.

Mediawave says this about their festival ...

"The festival is considered as a Central and Eastern European transit-festival, since by the festival centre (Győr, Hungary) there are going to happen simultaneously cultural and artistic events in 20 different venues of 4 different countries in the region (beside Hungary in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic)."

My previous post on Mediawave can be read here and I'm not too sure if they are still looking for volunteers to help out at the festival, but if you are traveling around Hungary or planning a visit in the next month, have a read of this.

I've had so much work on this past week that the bundles of things I do in unison are beginning to come undone - add to that late nights due to trying to tie off loose ends with my teeth it feels, and therefore lack of sleep due to early morning starts, and one and a half year old yanking at my pajamas shouting "up, up". Even when I go outside for a breath of fresh cigarette smoke I find myself either weeding or sweeping, or considering what areas of the garden to tend to next.

So I'm letting snuffboxfilms readers know that if my posts seem hastily written, it's because I'm buying into the myth of only using 10% of my brain to accomplish near to 100% of work needing to be done. However, you will notice that snuffboxfilms is now mobile friendly which means you can keep on following my ten percent in a ten percent of media capability format, the mobile phone web browser. I will be presenting this latest development in all its glory in a separate post. My intention here is to get a few of these thoughts I'm having onto the screen before I forget.

I have recently purchased most of the equipment needed to seriously begin production on my next shot at Espresso Entertainment, another Bonsai Bijou Specktacular, a minute minute movie - this included doing something I am rather proud of which now that I think about it makes a strange sort of sense. I have essentially built myself a miniature production suite, nothing too over-bearing or high end, most of my technological resources are moderate - I don't feel I need to have the "biggest" and "best" to think of my resources as being state of the art - besides there is nothing I detest more and find more painfully tiresome then listening to someone spume out all the tech and specs of their gadgets (Only to show me an example of their work which makes me think by their obsession with it, they must have a severe case of Talent Envy).

Not only moderate are my resources but also literally I could pack everything into a suitcase and easily work off a small boat with a generator on some remote lake and still have space for my indigo blue Chesterfield lounge. I am digressing on what is to become a series of minutes kept describing from arse to beak what it takes to make sixty seconds worth of film.

Finally, I'm about to start on the mobile distribution plan for some of my films, so stay tuned for further information on all that if you are keen to go down the same path for your own stuff.

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