Saturday, 28 March 2009

Memorable Music Videos

There isn't a great deal of money to be made in music clips at the low end of filmmaking, although I once almost had the opportunity to create a clip for a Country & Western singer that might have had a budget attached of $150, 000 - the only problem I foresaw was that my idea for the clip might have been a little too raunchy for the genre.

Apart from my own clips for spoken word pieces I've done like the "I don't want to go to Nashville" video featured on Unlikely Stories (Funnily enough based in Texas I think), my music video experience is limited to a clip for a song called "Badman" performed by a band that I think is now defunct called "Snowdropper". That's another element of music video making that is difficult, bands disband all the time, so lasting footage that sits nicely on your CV is limited.

My second attempt at making a video clip, unfortunately, after an entire days shoot, saw the tape I had when wanting to import, corrupt and so to this day I am still trying to get cameras and decks to read the blasted thing. It was a damn good idea too, I'm almost tempted to re-shoot it, but can you even recapture some moments?

Many bands tend to get their buddies to make clips for them or have an assigned record label produce something within the formula of that band's "brand". Some bands shoot the clips themselves and other just mash existing footage. Also if you've ever worked with a band before on a video clip, you will have no doubt experienced the pains of getting your artistic vision across through the bracken of their own ideas on what would make a good video clip.

There have been a few clips over time that I like and so whilst I'm waiting for the New York Independent Film Festival site to become accessible again (Something is going on with it and it wont load), I thought I'd post some clips I fancy up here. I chose them because of certain narrative and contextual qualities, the way that the artist is represented, the way that the meaning of the song is portrayed and the way that the images relate to the music.

Some music video clips fail to represent all three elements of a song - the band, the lyrics, and the music but some actually do pull this off. Unfortunately I can't embed Run DMC's It's Tricky because Sony Music has clamped down sharing the clip around the Internet, must be because of the new Run DMC movie that is coming out.

Laibach - Life is Life.

Adam and the Ants - Prince Charming.

Queens Of The Stone Age - Monsters In The Parasol.

Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal.

The Specials - Ghost Town.

Yello - Oh Yeah.

Leningrad Cowboys - These Boots.

And finally, this isn't an official video clip but because I'm a big fan of Ian Dury and this is one of my favourite Dury songs "There ain't half been some clever bastards" and I like what this fan has done with the song just using stills, I thought I'd post it here anyhow. Ian Dury was a clever bastard, lucky bleeder.

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