Friday, 13 March 2009

Mondo Waters

As a Waters fan, I have been found myself watching again some of his classics like Cry Baby and Cecil B. DeMented. I recently also came across Mink Stole's webpage but it hasn't been updated for a while. I haven't seen the Hairspray remake, but found it interesting that Jerry Stiller got another go at the movie as Mr Pinky instead of Wilbur Turnblad which he played in the original. Now I hear that John Waters has announced a Hairspray 2?

Although John Waters obviously wrote the script of the original, he apparently has only a hand in writing the outline for the sequel of the remake. Am I being a pedant? I honestly believe that this trend of reviving can only help filmmakers who have in the past produced a fantastic body of work but perhaps were never rewarded the more grandiose accolades and publicity that regularly gets dished out to the bigger wigs. A filmmaker such as Mel Brooks for instance, the revival of The Producers can only help to have a new audience hopefully track down an excellent film like The Twelve Chairs.

I suppose every fan hangs opinions on their favourite directors, but I really do hope that John has another picture truly of his own devising in the pipeline. I believe that the proposed kid's film Fruitcake has been postponed. Funnily enough my eldest son who is ten and my niece who is nine were over this evening watching Cry Baby and enjoyed it immensely, both of them had seen Hairspray before, so John Water's style was familiar. Kids these days anyway have a feast of South Park and The Simpsons upon which to get their doses of innuendo, crassness and plain vulgarity.

Even kids whose parents don't let them watch such material are blissfully unaware how much access they get through their friends. This parental policing also fails in another respect, for instance a friend of my son is not allowed to watch certain movies unless his parents view it first to make sure it is appropriate. My son told me that when he does watch something he normally wouldn't be allowed to watch, he obsesses over it for months. So there you go, he'll probably immerse himself in it pathologically when he is older and then the "damage" has been done, all thanks to parental censorship.

In my day it was Mad Magazine, and I'm disappointed to hear that Mad have brought out a "kids" version where all the characters are children. This kind of defeats the purpose of kids having a forum to experience satire from the perspective of all the grown-ups that surround their daily lives and at many times make no sense at all with their follies.

Anyway, back to John Waters. Fruitcake is an excellent idea for Mr Waters to pursue but I'm also hoping he forges forth with another twisted plot like Cecil B. DeMented.

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