Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Percept 2.1 and Videobox

View pictures above of Videobox.

Project Percept are seeking videos (4-6 minutes) for their Videobox installation. For more information about the Videobox project click on that there link there yonder back before these words you be reading now, aha me hearties. That link page also has the registration forms on it so if you have a work that would suit the medium of Videobox then that's where you want to go.

Percept will be held at the Festival des Bains Numérique d'Enghien 2009 (June - France). The project will also run for three months at the "Centre BRASS" in Brussels.

Here is what Project Percept says about Videobox ...

"Videobox will be presented at various festivals, either in addition to the project or view is independently. Several contacts have already been taken with digital arts festivals, videos or centers cultural/events in several European countries."

Below is the Percept 2.0 vidéo @ La Nuit Blanche Paris 2008 - Festival Les Transnumériques.

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