Thursday, 26 March 2009

Rutger Hauer says "Time to Screen".

Photo by Ida C. Benedetto /for the Star Ledger

I've Seen Films is the rather outre title of a film festival organised by Rutger Hauer in Milano Italy. The festival is international and broken down into several live events at the Gnomo Milano Cinema as well as an Online competition.

The Gnomo Milano Cinema "offers a very keen programming structure that takes into account all kinds of tastes: not only the commercial hits, but also author’s works, special initiatives such as thematic screenings, retrospectives, premieres, original language movies, meetings with directors and so on."

Works in DVD, Blu-Ray and/or digital Mpeg2 formats are acceptable. You are restricted to entering one film and the categories are Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Videoclip, Social Awareness. Deadline for entering works is May 7, 2009. There is no fee attached to I've Seen Films. Films must not exceed 35 minutes.

Robert Rodriguez and Ridley Scott will return as judges for 2009. If you would like to read the amusing tale of my friend's meeting with Ridley Scott, the link is here.

The Online submission form may be located here, or you may want to read up on the regulations first.

Also, you may want to get involved with the Rutger Hauer Film Factory. This program is dedicated to Master Classes in film production ... this is what the website says about the Film Factory experience.

"The selected participants of the Rutger Hauer Filmfactory will attend an intensive programme, in which the depth of their knowledge and experience is broadened through the creation of a short film. Directing, cinematography, producing, acting and editing will be the focus of this Masterclass. Each of this discipline will be coached by several experts."

One of my favourite Rutger Hauer moments was during his advertising campaign with Guinness. I was and still am a fan of stout, as a child every lunch my father would make for me Silk (Half a glass of Stout mixed with half milk).

Enjoy this Rutger commercial for Guinness. My goodness ... it's Rutger.

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