Monday, 30 March 2009

The Screening Room Mobile Phone Movie competition

The deadline for entering this Mobile Phone Movie Competition is 25 May 2009. You must state what phone you shot your movie on and I suspect it is because of those devious types who will go out and shoot on 35mm and then pretend they shot it with their "Intellect" Wireless Picturephone. Of course being the Steampunker that I aspire to be I've managed to develop a Panasonic VariCam with inbuilt phone function, so I guess I'll win this hands down. Go and read the competition rules, it is fairly simple, all you have to do is upload your mobile movie (Shot on a mobile phone) onto YouTube and then leave a video response on the CNN YoutTube Channel. Yes, this competition is being sponsored by CNN, but I think it is CNN UK. Movies can be up to 5 minutes in duration and the winner's prize, "The winner shall have his video displayed on CNN's Screening Room website page on dates to be determined. Turner may, in its discretion, feature the video on the CNN television programme "The Screening Room" to be broadcast on a date decided by Turner."

I shot a New Wave mobile movie not long ago on my Samsung Blackjack, we were drunk at the time and movie is too weird to be eligible for this competition although I am tempted to put it up on YouTube anyway. The other short, The Watermelon Felon was shot using a Nikon Cool Pix Digital Camera so it doesn't count.

Here is the result of taking a 6 megapixel Nikon Camera out for something to do on a near rainy day between writing scripts and formulating other ideas.

There is no charge to enter the The Screening Room Mobile Phone Movie competition. So what are you waiting for ... the iPhone iMax to be released?

Lastly go and read what they makes a great Mobile Phone Movie, much can be attributed to any film you do ... especially the Content is King point. The seventh point is really following Dogma conventions here and it is ...

7. Avoid editing
Most editing programs require mobile video to be converted to DV format to make it accessible on your computer. Try to shoot a short story in one continuous clip or edit in camera by thinking about a sequence before you shoot. Plan a start, a middle and an end for each shot

In camera editing is so much fun, I recall doing it as a teenager with the Sony Camcorder I had which was hot-stuff at the time because it had a second inbuilt lens which shot wide screen.

So get out your mobiles, avoid anything offensive like Sharking clips or Disco Upskirts and if you forget the criteria you can always WiFi and check up the details again on the snuffboxfilms mobi page.

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Very informative stuff... the ideas shared here are representative of the times and how much easier it is getting to becoming a film maker... it all comes with inspiration but more importantly the persistence of continually nudging away at what you enjoy most is an invaluable experience ... thanks for sharing mate..

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